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Bad Safety Habits 

The word safety refers to your freedom from danger, injury and damage, and to your personal security.  It's what America was founded on.  It's what everyone wants, but doesn't always get.  It requires a lot of effort to have and to keep. 

In recent years there has been a concentrated effort in our country to reduce accidents and save lives -- in the process, the word safety has been used so often that many of you may think of it as a "Preaching Word", or a word that forces you to alter your ways or change bad habits. 

Instead, when you hear the word safety, think of it as a word that applies to the way you do everything in life.  If you have bad safety habits, you're just not doing things as well as you should! 

For example:  If your driving safely, you're simply operating your vehicle as intended and obeying the laws, no more, no less.  If your working with a power tool that requires eye protection, don't fight it.  Safety glasses are simply a necessary accessory to the proper use of that tool.  If you're at home, take the time to use a ladder instead of standing on a chair that was made to sit on. 

Today is the best time to think about your bad safety habits and then correct them.  Improving your bad safety habits will require concentration and effort, but the results will help make you a more responsible and desirable employee, improved driver, and a good example to those around you -- and your bonus for this effort is - a greatly reduced chance of becoming an accident statistic this year. 

Never ride on a crane hook, headache ball or on any suspended load.

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