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If you are required to repair or maintain any machinery or equipment, or any electrical power source, start the job by locking out and tagging out all energy sources and starting mechanisms.  Locking or tagging out is the only sure way to prevent other employees from accidentally activating the system. 

Contact your supervisor when tagging out any piece of equipment or machinery so that he is aware of the situation.  Schedule any maintenance or repairs ahead of time with the supervisor to avoid conflicts and any interruptions of the work. 

Install your tag out or lock out at the power or ignition source.  If a piece of equipment can be activated from more than one location, then additional locks or tags may be required.  Make sure that the tag or lock is secure and will not blow off or fall off the machine. 

Machines can still be harmful even when they are turned off.  Make sure that the machine is not coasting to a stop and watch for moving parts that turn by gravity.  Be careful of air or hydraulic pressure lines that have not been bled.  Read the manufacturers recommendations for repairs to avoid any hidden dangers such as springs that are under a load that might accidentally be released. 

Remember to remove your lock and tags after your work is complete.  NEVER remove a lock or tag that has been installed by someone else.  If you find a lock or tag out, contact the person who tagged that equipment out and the supervisor for further instructions.  NEVER ASSUME THAT SOMEONE JUST FORGOT TO REMOVE THE LOCK OR TAG. 


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