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Be Alert Of Moving Equipment
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When construction equipment is rumbling around a project, you've got to watch your step. If both construction workers and equipment operators keep their eyes open, no one's going to get hurt. Following are ways to help you maintain a healthy respect for cranes, dozers, excavators and trucks:

·       Never take for granted that equipment operators see you.

·       Never depend upon hearing a horn or other warning signals; it might sometimes be lost in the general noise around a project.

·       Equipment shouldn't be backed without someone to check the blind spots and give signals; nevertheless, keep in the clear whenever equipment is traveling backwards, as that's when most equipment accidents happen.

·       Swinging counterweights often create a dangerous pinch-point. Don't ever get into a spot where you could get squeezed in between.

·       Never hitch a ride on the running board it's fatally easy to fall under moving equipment.

·       No riding on top of loaded trucks; the load might shift, and you might not have enough over-head clearance in a tight spot.

·       If you're riding in a transport vehicle to a job, or between jobs, keep your arms, legs, and all parts of your body inside the unit.

·       Never walk alongside moving equipment. Keep in the clear in case the unit suddenly turns your way, or slides, or the load shifts.

·       Stay out from under loads on cranes or hoists. Use established walkways and beware of shortcuts.

·       If the boom of a unit ever hits a power line, keep away from the frame of the unit and the load cables.

·       Never lubricate, clean or work on a machine that's in operation. Stop the machine. If you have to remove a guard, replace it as soon as the work's done.

Construction equipment is husky, heavy, and extremely unhealthy to tangle with. Always assume that the operator doesn't see you; doesn't even know you're around. Always figure that it's up to you to keep in the clear