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Hand tool accidents could be prevented if everyone who uses hand tools would follow three simple rules:  1)  Choose the right tool for the job.  2)  Be sure the tool is in good condition.  3)   Use the tool correctly. 

After choosing the right tool for the job, check it over.  Is the tool in good shape?  Is the pick or hammer handle secure and free of splinters?  Is the cold chisel burred?  Is the hand saw sharp? 

Use all tools the way they were meant to be used.  If the tool is defective, turn it in and ask for a replacement.  Always turn in tools at the end of the job.  You are responsible for the inspection of all tools, and should tag or mark any defective tools for immediate repair. 

Even a good tool must be used properly.  Here are some precautions to take when using some common tools.  When using hand saws, keep them sharp with teeth properly set and clean.  Be careful when using your thumb as a guide to start a cut. 

When using chisels, have a mushroomed head dressed before using the chisel, wear your goggles and when possible use a chisel bar holder instead of holding a cold chisel when it is struck by someone else. 

Discard worn wrenches having jaws that will not hold and be sure the adjusting screws are free of rust.  Never use a wrench as a hammer. 

Don't use a file as a pry bar and never use a file without a handle.  Keep the file clean to reduce slipping hazards. 

Never use a screwdriver in place of a pry bar or chisel.  Use the screwdriver that fits the screw.  Have points dressed if bent, worn or broken.  Use an insulated handle screwdriver on all electrical work. 

When using a hammer be sure it has a securely wedged handle suited to the type of head.  If the handle is wooden or fiberglass, watch out for splinters.  Remember that carpenter or claw hammers are designed for driving or drawing nails.  They should never be used to strike a cold chisel or other hardened steel tools.

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