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Most of us have the necessary skills and knowledge to do our jobs well, and most of us don't want to hurt ourselves or anyone else. Why then do we take 'shortcuts,' setting up ourselves and others for injury? The following is a list of things we often do, even though we know we shouldn't!

1. You can't fool safety devices - but we remove or wedge back safety guards so they won't protect us!

2. We shouldn't take a chance when operating heavy equipment - but we don't use the seat belt that is provided!

3. We know that flames or sparks are not permitted around flammable liquids - but some of us smoke around them!

4. A protruding nail in a guard rail can cause an injury - but we don't bother to remove it or bend it over.

5. Horseplay causes a lot of injuries on the job - but many of us continue to play practical jokes.

6. A circular saw can amputate a finger - but we insist on using the saw without a guard!

7. We know the safe way to climb a ladder - but we climb it with one hand full of tools!

8. We should wear our personal protective equipment - but we leave our goggles strapped up on our hard hats!

9. We know better than to use chemicals without reading the MSDS - but we use the chemical anyway!

10. We should wear a life jacket when working over water - but we go out over the water without one!

11. A bump or bruise to the head ran realty hurt - but we continue to work without our hard hats.

12. It's dangerous to block fire fighting equipment - but we stack boxes of material in front of fire extinguishers!

13. We know not to work within 10 feet of a power line - but there's just one more load of steel to be unloaded and it won't happen to me!

This is a short list, you can probably think of a lot more because we all, at one time or another, have been guilty of taking shortcuts. Usually it's because we are attempting to save some time. Occasionally someone comes up with an idea that works, and is a time-saver. That's great, as long as safety is not sacrificed. Your life and your health are too important to risk by taking stupid chances, and that is exactly what 999 out of 1000 shortcuts are - stupid! Get smart - think safety first - always!

Don't take Shortcuts! If you're injured, the minute you saved may cost you days, weeks, or months of recovery time.

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