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Don't Give Fire A Chance
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There's plenty of air, plenty of fuel, and plenty of ignition sources around construction sites-so we've all got to be on our toes to prevent fire. Here are some ways to keep the job from going up in smoke:

·       Help keep the site clean. Store combustible materials away from ignition sources.

·       Report any possible fire hazards that you notice: open flames, sparks, and electrical equipment that appears to need repairs.

·       On hot-work jobs, be sure combustibles are safe from ignition. Have a fire extinguisher handy for welding and cutting operations, or when open flame equipment is used.

·       Help protect temporary electric wiring from possible damage. In case of a fire in or near live electrical equipment, use a dry chemical extinguisher, and not water.

·       Don't smoke near flammables, in "No Smoking" areas, or while re-fueling equipment. Make sure cigarettes and matches are out.

·       Always use approved safety cans or the original manufacturer's container to store flammable liquids. Keep these containers closed when not in use, and never store them near exits or passageways.

·       Clean up any spills as soon as they occur. Put saturated rags into closed metal containers.

·       Watch to see that canvas tarps, plastic sheeting or other ignitables don't get close to space heaters. Take care to see that heaters aren't accidentally tipped over.

·       Know where the closest fire-protection equipment is located, and how to use it. Check to see that fire-fighting equipment is in the clear, in proper condition, and ready for instant use.

We do everything we can to try to keep our jobs fire-safe-but it takes your help, all the time.