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Driver Conduct at Accident Scene

Even the best and most careful drivers sometimes find themselves involved in a vehicle accident.  You might be involved in an accident which you could not avoid.  Or you might be in a vehicle accident and be at fault.  Either way there are certain things that you should do and things that you shouldn't do at the scene of an accident.  

1.  Take immediate action to prevent further damage or injury at the scene of the accident.   If possible, pull onto the shoulder or the side of the road.   Activate your vehicle's flashers.  Place any warning signals, flares, etc. promptly and properly.   Assist any injured person. DO NOT move them unless they are in danger of further injury

2.  Call the Police (911) to report the accident and get medical help if there are injuries.  If you are in an area where cellphones or radios are inoperable, give a note with  location and seriousness of accident to reliable-appearing   motorist  and ask him to notify police.  Contact the office ASAP.  

3. Exchange information.   You should give identifying and insurance information to the other driver and acquire the same no matter who might have been at fault.  NEVER make comments about assuming responsibility, even if it was your fault.

4.  Get names and addresses of all witnesses.  Ask them to complete a "Witness Information Card".  If there were no witnesses, get the name and address of the first person to arrive at the scene. 

5.  If a camera is available, finish the roll from various angles to help record the accident.  Photograph what might have caused the accident, for example a parked truck blocking you view.   Film is cheap compared to the information one good photograph provides. 

6.  Complete the "Drivers Report of Motor Vehicle Accident" form.  Follow the instructions and print legibly.  Answer all questions completely using additional sheets of paper if needed.  Record the  information as soon as  possible while it is still fresh in your mind. 

7. Check your vehicle thoroughly and if drivable, be sure you are calm, cool, and collective before leaving the scene.  If any doubt, contact the office so they can make arrangements to pick you up. 

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