General Industry Safety Talks


A Review of HazComm Standard A Single Second Accident Prevention
Acetone use & care Action to Take if Earthquake Aerial Work Platforms
Afterthoughts and Regrets Alcohol & the Job Allergies, Antihistamines
Appreciating the Hazards, Oxyact Attitude and Behavior Avoid Common Office Injuries
Avoiding Electrical Shocks Back Care Back Injury Prevention
Backing into Trouble Basic Machine Safety Battery Charging Hazards
Be Cautious with Sulfuric Acid Be Prepared for Emergencies Bench & Pedestal Grinders
Blood Borne Pathogens Carbon Monoxide Care for Half-Mask Respirators
Carelessness Cargo Dock Safety Chain Saw Safety
Chocking and Blocking Cold Medication / Drowsiness Cold Weather Hazards
Come-a-Longs, Hoists & Chains Common Sense & Accidents Composite Safety
Confined Space Entry Controlling Stress Correct Usage of Swing Ropes
Crane Counterweights Cranes - Work under loads Craning Considerations
CDT's - How You Prevent Them Cuts and Burns Develop and Sell Safety
Do Cell Phones Cause Accidents Don't Gamble with Fall Arrest Don't Get Sore at Computers
Drum Handling E_Coli Food Safety Eating Right Offshore
Eight Crane Danger Signs Electrical in Hazardous Locations Electrical - Anatomy of an Accident
Electrical - High Voltage Electrical - Portable Light Strings Electrical - Static Electricity
Emergency Eye Wash & Deluge Emergency - Where's the Fire Employee Responsibility
Everyone is Responsible Excavations are Serious Excavation - Trenching Safety
Extension Cord Safety Eye Injury Prevention Eye Protection
Fire Watch in Shipyards Fish Processing Ergonomics Flammable Liquids - Gas
Footwear for the Athlete Forklift Fatalities Forklift Safety - Elevating Personal
Front-End Loaders Fueling Operations and Static GFCIs at Work and Home
Give New Co-Workers Support Good Hygiene Keeps you Healthy Hand Tool Safety
Hazard Awareness Hazard Awareness - Little Things Hazard Recognition
Hazardous Atmospheres Hazardous Materials Identification Hazards of Solvents
HazComm vs. Hazmat Head Injuries after the Fall H & S - Heat Stress Disorders
H & S - Like Oil and Water Hearing Protection Heavy Equipment Safety
High-Pressure Injection Equipment Holiday Fun, Holiday Stress Hot Water and Steam Cleaning
Housekeeping is Important Housekeeping is Safe Keeping How Loud is Loud
Hydraulic Hoses and Leaks Hydro Blaster Safety Individual Quality Makes Difference
Infectious Diseases and First Aid Inspect your Slings Inspection and Use of Slings
Is Fiberglass a Health Hazard Isocyanates - Sweet Smells It's Your Decision
Keeping Shift Work Safe Ladder Safety Laser Safety
Lift it Twice Limitations of Respirators Lockout - Tagout Programs
Logging Safety Look out for Your Co-Workers Machine Operation requires Skill
Make the Best Use of First Aid Kit Man Down Material Handling Lift Trucks
Metalworking Fluids Methylene Chloride and You Mobile Crane Outriggers
Motion Injuries Near Miss - Almost Happened New Job What are the Odds
New Year's Resolutions Office Safety Practices Office Safety
Offshore Operations Oil Rig Break Down / Set Up Oilfield Operations - Rigging Up
Over the Counter Medications Pallet Safety Parts Washing Tanks
Personal Ergonomics Personal Fall Arrest Systems Personal Tools and Equipment
Personal Protection - Storage PFD's - Stop the Sinking Feeling Picking the Proper Glove
Powder Actuated Hand Tools PPE Are You Dressed Practice Good Knife Safety
Prevent Hose Whipping Preventing Strains and Sprains Preventing Welding Flashback
Proper Repair of Electrical Cords Protect Yourself from the Unexpected Protective Headwear
Repeaters Report Unsafe Equipment Report/Investigate Accidents
Requirements for Safeguards Residential Roofing Respirator Fit Check
Respirator Program Safe Attitudes Safe Operation of Forklifts
Safe Use of Hand Trucks Safe Use of Liquid Petroleum Safety and Security after Hours
Safety and Your Supervisor Safety When Sand Blasting Safety Eye Wear - Sun & Shade
Safely Working Around Lift Trucks Safety with Pneumatic Tools Save Your Back
Scaffold Inspections Selecting Suitable Eye Protection Seven Causes for Accidents
Sexual Harassment on the Job Shift Work Shipyard Safety
Shipyard Scaffolding Shop Hazards & Incidents Shop Safety Checklist
Signs Smoke Detectors Snow Removal
Springtime Yard/Field Maintenance Stacking Up a Pile of Trouble Stairs and Walkways
Sunglasses vs. Safety Glasses Surviving the Silent Killer Take Two
Temporary Heat Safety Ten Commandments of Safety That Container only Looks Empty
The bad Side of Benzene The Basics of Safety The Care/Feeding of Wire Rope
The Hazards of Silica Dust The Might Power Press The Silent Sickness - CO
The Term Ergonomics The Three Point Rule The true Danger of Confined Space
Tire Explosions Toxic Gas in Oil/Gas Drilling Trying to Do the Job Alone
Understanding Electrical Breakers Unexpected Hazards in Demolition Unsafe Acts
Using and Storing Acetylene Gas Using Portable Fire Extinguishers Ventilation - When Welding
Ventilation Want a Drug User on Your Team Warning - Extreme Heat is Coming
Warning Read the Signs Was it an Accident or Error Watch Your Step
Water Safety Welding on Galvanized Metals Welding Safety
What is Hazardous Material What is Your Back IQ What Motivates to Work Safely
What to do About Near Misses What to do for Drowning Victims What's this in our Tool Box
When a Hurricane is Coming When Your Least Expect it Why a Written Safety Program
Why do we Have Safety Meetings Why Take a Chance Why Use a Safety Can for Gasoline
Working Safely with Lead Workplace Electrical Safety