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There is nothing new about wearing goggles for eye protection. Every job is using them to a greater or lesser degree. But the question always arises as to who should not be asked to wear eye protection.

There is no job throughout construction that does not carry a potential eye hazard. In analyzing eye injury cases, it is found that the most common are caused from foreign bodies in the eye, flying objects, dust, and horseplay. The jobs include office workers, laborers, operators, warehousemen, millwrights, drivers, mechanics, carpenters, and so on down the line.

Actual reported cases describe accidents in which a laborer was cleaning out one thing or another when some of the contents of a chemical nature splashed in his eyes and resulted in the loss of his sight. Goggles were not worn, since they were not considered necessary for that type of work or worker. But follow this injury and others like it and you will find that most could have been prevented if the right eye protection had been used.

There's No Such Thing As Being Too Safe!


Your hands are your wage-earners.

Hands are hurt more often than any other part of the body.

Hand injuries don't have to occur. As talented as your hands are, they can't think, they're your servants, and it is up to you to think and keep them out of trouble.

Be sure you wear the right kind of gloves for the particular kind of work you are doing.

When you wear gloves, you aren't trusting to luck and you're not taking unnecessary chances.

Wear gloves when you are doing a job that needs them, but, not around moving machinery.

Time spent in preparing your hands for the job will not only save trouble for you but will probably save time in doing the job.