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Lightning doesn't have to strike often to do a job on you. Just once usually is enough. And it's the same with overhead  loads. If one falls on you, it generally makes a permanent impression. That's why we always should stay out from under cranes, booms, and buckets. This means concrete buckets as well as backhoe buckets. Your first accident may be your last.


Use your head. Not to stop a failing object, but to make sure an object doesn't fall on you. Don't stand, walk, or work under crane booms, buckets, or suspended loads. And while using your head, keep it covered with a hard hat.


If you have anything to do with planning lifting operations, be sure the boom or bucket will not be swinging over workers. You may have to rope off or barricade the swing area, or schedule the lifting operations when the workers aren't in the vicinity.


Did you ever get hit in the head with a piece of semi-hardened concrete that dropped from a crane bucket?  It hurt, didn't it; even though you were wearing your hard hat. How do I know you were wearing your hard hat? If you weren't, you wouldn't be here. Laborers have to be especially careful to keep clear of the crane when the operator is loading and hoisting the bucket.


So many times we think only in terms of crane booms, but the same thoughts apply to backhoe operations. A pipe crew gets so used to setting pipe with a backhoe that they get in under the load in a ditch. What is going to happen if a cable breaks or a hydraulic line blows? Look at the mechanics of the boom. If a cable breaks, will the load shift horizontally as well as drop? Think!


Remember: To avoid danger from crane booms, keep out from under them at all times. And wear your hard hat, just in case.