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The Material Safety Data Sheet
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Material Safety Data Sheets or MSDS, if read and followed, are a powerful means of controlling chemical exposures.

MSDS are written by chemical manufacturers for the chemicals they produce or import. The purpose of the MSDS is to communicate information on the recommended safe use and handling procedures for that chemical.


MSDS may look different, yet the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires that all MSDS must provide certain categories of information about the chemical substance or mixture:

·       identification (physical and chemical),

·       hazardous ingredients,

·       emergency and first aid procedures,

·       recommended control measures,

·       physical and health hazards,

·       safe handling precautions,

·       date of preparation/revision,

·       manufacturer's name, address and phone number.

Your employer is being required to assemble and provide unhindered access to a MSDS collection for all of the chemicals found in your work area. Know where this MSDS collection is located. Read and follow the MSDS recommendations.


What product/chemical is this MSDS for?

Hazardous ingredients

How much of this material can I safely be exposed to?

How will I know if I am overexposed to this chemical?

Emergency and first aid procedures

What first aid steps should I follow? What will happen to me if this chemical ...

is swallowed?

gets onto my skin?

is breathed in?

gets into my eyes?

Recommended control measures

What type of control measures should I use to protect myself?

What should I do if there is a spill or leak?

Physical hazards

What are the physical hazards posed by this chemical?

If it catches fire, what should I use to put it out?

Are there conditions or materials that this chemical should not come into contact with?

Health hazards

What are the health hazards posed by this chemical?

Safe handling precautions

What is the proper way to safely handle this chemical?

Manufacturer's name address, phone

Who made/imported this chemical?