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Are you willing to risk losing your ability to see? Thousands of people take that chance every day by not wearing needed eye protection. In fact 3 out of 5 workers who have experienced an eye injury were not wearing their eye protection.

A survey by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) found that nearly 70% of the injuries were the result of flying or falling objects. Most of the material striking the eye was reportedly moving at speeds faster than something being thrown by hand.

What can you do so you are not added to these statistics? Easy...

According to the University of Washington Ophthalmologists, Inc., most eye injuries are rated either mild or severe, with few being in between. Mild cases usually require only simple outpatient care such as irrigating and antibiotic treatment. Severe cases may require multiple surgeries and in most cases the eye sight will not be as it was before the accident, if the vision can be saved at all.

Protecting your eyesight should be one of your most paramount concerns whether you are on the job or not. Your company may provide you the protection, and have a 100% eye protection policy. However, it is your responsibility to wear the eye protection. Without your commitment, you put yourself at risk of losing your eyesight.

Often people will think nothing of spending a hundred dollars or more for a pair of name brand fashion sunglasses. Some of the best safety glasses cost less than $10. Fashion eyewear looks great and protects your eyes from the sun. But they are typically not safety-rated, and are not designed to protect your eyes from objects impacting the lense.

Remember! There are no good excuses for not protecting your eyesight.


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