Project Name: Project Location:
Inspected by: Date of Inspection:


Up-to-date list of all equipment and other property insured?    
List includes original date of purchase?    
List includes original cost including accessories?    
List includes serial numbers?    
List includes location of serial or ID number on equipment?    
List includes model number?    
List includes description of equipment including size, weight and manufactures name?    
Current photographs of equipment available to help identification by authorities?    
A daily record of where equipment is located while on job sites?    
Inventory small tools on a weekly basis?    
Paint or mark equipment in unique way? (bright color, company name, etc.)    
Punch or engrave equipment with your own ID numbers in two places? (one obvious and one hidden)    
Post warning notices on equipment advising all VIN numbers and serial numbers are recorded?    
Equipment includes anti-theft devices or double locking systems?    
Heavy equipment immobilized in an effective way when not in use? (remove battery, starter, rotor)    
Equipment provided with anti-vandalism devices and locks? (locking caps for fuel, oil, panels for instruments)    
Major pieces of equipment protected with alarm systems and/or LoJack type theft recovery systems?    
Is equipment locked at night and keys removed and parked under lights and with good visibility?    
Record kept of number of sets of keys you have for each piece of equipment?    
Specific individual accountable for key control?    
Keys to all equipment stored on job and yard accounted for and documented?    
Keys for equipment assigned to jobsites collected at the end of the day?    
Does daily report include statement as to the disposition of all equipment and keys?    
Maintain adequate fire break or separation between equipment and other property stored overnight?    
Does jobsite have temporary lighting and fenced in on all sides and locked?    
A watchperson is employed at night and on weekends and holidays?    
Local police notified of your jobsite and requested to increase their surveillance?    
Installed "NO TRESPASSING" signs on the job site?    
Store small tools in locked tool crib, job trailer or secured gang box?