1.   Yes__No__Throat opening more than 15%.
2.   Yes__No__Hook in twisted (not straight or on one plane).
3.   Yes__No__More than 10% wear at the throat.
4.   Yes__No__Any cracks or corrosion
WEDGE SOCKETS:   Yes___   No__
1.   Yes__No__Wire rope size and wedge socket is a proper match.
2.   Yes__No__Dead end of wire rope extends at least 9 inches beyond wedge socket.         
3.   Yes__No__Dead end of the wire rope is secured properly.
1.   Yes__No__The wire rope is seated properly in the sheaves.  
2.   Yes__No__The wire rope keepers (keeps cable from coming out of the sheaves) are in good shape.
3.   Yes__No__Check the bolts on the sheave plates fortightness.
4.   Yes__No__Check for any weld cracks.
5.   Yes__No__Signs of bent or buckled panels or parts.
1.   Yes__No__Hydraulic leaks.
2.   Yes__No__Check all 4 sides of boom for bent parts or buckled panels.
3.   Yes__No__Lattice boom extension is secured properly.
4.   Yes__No__Lattice sections are not bent (each rib is straight).
1.   Yes__No__Properly inflated (look on load charts for Manufacturing recommendations)
2.   Yes__No__Cuts in the tires or bulges.

1.   Yes__No__Crank case oil is clean and full.
2.   Yes__No__Water is about 2 inches below cap.
3.   Yes__No__Check hydraulic oil level.
1.   Yes__No__Out rigger pads not cracked.
2.   Yes__No__Hydraulic hoses in good condition.
3.   Yes__No__The drum cable is properly spooled.
4.   Yes__No__Handrails leading into crane cab are good.
5.   Yes__No__Fire extinguisher is available.
6.   Yes__No__Load chart is in cab.
7.   Yes__No__Boom angle indicator is available and working.
8.   Yes__No__Back alarm is working.
9.   Yes__No__Engine is started and gauges are checked, working properly.
10.  Yes__No__Out riggers are extended out; working properly.
11.  Yes__No__Crane is leveled, workin gproperly.
12.  Yes__No__Boom up, unlock the swing break, does it swing when level?
13.  Yes__No__Swing through 360 degrees, does boom angle indicator stay the same throughout rotation.  
15.  Yes__No__Does boom swing break work properly?
16.  Yes__No__Extend out the boom, are all sections extending evenly.
17.  Yes__No__Brakes & brake systems check out.
18.  Yes__No__Safety pressure relief valves check out.

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